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There was nothing but silence and darkness in the room. Even though there was some lights coming from outside, all you could see were shadows.

You stared at the clock – 5am. The sun was about to rise and you didn’t even have 5 minutes of sleeping.

You turned around slowly on the bed. Kiseop was sleeping by your side. His bare chest half covered with the bed sheets moved up and down as he was breathing, his lips were showing a small smile, as if he was having a really good dream.

There was no dream that could surpass the fairytale you were living. Just thinking about that, a thousand of butterflies started to move inside your stomach.

You couldn’t help but smile as the memories of that night started showing up inside your brain. You could see all crystal clear as if you were living that at the moment. You got goosebumps as you reminded his touch, you could feel your own nervousness, your insecurities coming to the surface like it happened hours ago that were scarying at first but contributed to make that night unforgetable.


“I want you tonight” he said, muttering in your ear, as his hand slipped through your arm and grabbed your wrist. Then he held your hand and placed it on his chest. You could feel his heartbeat on your fingertips in perfect synchronization with yours.

“You want me…?” You muttered, but his answer was a passionate kiss on your lips as he pulled you closer by your waist. Feeling your body closer to his unleashed a whole of reactions on your body that you didn’t even know it was possible to happen. Your senses were stronger; you were feeling everything with more intensity, and slowly you were losing the control on yourself. You were intoxicated by his love. His touch was pure magic. The way he was taking control of you turned you on. His lips played on yours, teasing you, before moving to your neck where he left a kissmark. His hands were holding your waist firmly, pulling you close as much as possible, before pushing you softly to the bed. His body fell on top of yours, pressing you against the bed; his fingers explored your skin as his tongue explored your mouth. Shyly, you rubbed his back with one hand as the other one messed his hair and pulled it softly. You could feel his hot breathe against your skin, making you shiver. His fingers slowly pulled up your shirt. You stretched your arms back as he took of your shirt, revealing your pink bra. He threw it to the floor and kissed your stomach countless times. You could feel your heartbeat on your tummy on the places he was touching with his lips. His eyes met yours as he licked your skin and he smiled after that. He crawled against you till he reached your lips again, kissing them. He took off his own shirt and you gave yourself a chance to touch his toned body. He seemed to like it as you felt his smile against your lips, his hands, thirsty of you, pulling you as close as possible.

But there were still clothes between your bodies full of desire that both of you needed to get rid off. But none of you wanted to rush things, keeping everything slow, enjoying every moment as if it was the last one…

“You’re my everything…” – He muttered, between those passionate kisses that were driving you crazy. – “You’re really my everything…”


You couldn’t help but smile as you’ve seen those images – almost like a movie – on your head. Your cheeks became red again because of your shyness but there’s no way to deny the happinedd you were feeling for sharing such a special moment with the person you loved the most on the entire world.

Kiseop moved a little on your side and your eyes automatically moved to him. He stretched his arms and yawned, before rubbing his eyes. You couldn’t see more than a contourn of a body under the sheets but you knew he was staring at you and smiling – you just knew it.

“Why are you awake…?” – He asked, grabbing your arm and pulling you to his arms. Oh, how confortable they were…

“I can’t sleep…”

“Why?” – He asked, near your ear, stroaking your hair as you wrapped your arms around his body. – “Are you hurt…? Did I hurt you…?”

“No.” – You said, keeping the low tone, almost whispering. – “I’m just overwhelmed by everything that happened…” – you smiled shyly and thanked god for not having enough light on the room that would allow him to see your red cheeks. – “I still have butterflies on my stomach…”

His hand moved from your head to your cheek, pinching it softly. He managed to find your lips with his thumb and touched them. Then, he leaned his head and kissed them softly.

“I know the feeling.” – He said, resting his forehead on yours, grabbing your hand. – “My heart is still beating fast.”

You sighed. – “It wasn’t probably that good for you than it was for me. I was too insecure. And you know how I am when I’m insecure – awkward, clumsy…”

“You know…” – He started. – “It’s your clumsyness and your awkwardness that makes you special. For me, that’s what made this moment unforgetable.” – He kissed your forehead, and then he grabbed your hand and placed it on his naked chest like he did before. – “See? It’s still beating for you.”

“Oh my…”

It was indeed beating fast, as yours. You hugged him tightly, placing your head on his chest. He rested his chin on top of your head and took you on his arms.

“You must sleep now, baby…” – He muttered. – “there are still some time left till the sun rises… And you have to rest… Alright?”

You nodded and closed your eyes. You were feeling safe and loved, and his heartbeat was a perfect lullaby. It didn’t take long until you fell asleep.

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